Why Are Your Prices So Low?

hemp farming

Quick Answer: We grow, trim, cure, package and sell all of our high quality hemp products ourselves.

Since we are the farmers, packagers, marketers and distributors, we can offer low prices on hemp.  We are not dependent on anyone else, so we can keep the prices low…and we love making hemp more affordable to people that need it.

You will not find huge mark-ups on our products.  We love to grow and sell hemp and the more we grow and sell, the lower the prices we can offer to our customers.  

We may not be the best at marketing and e-commerce, but we are honest with our customers and work hard to offer them premium products at great prices.  You will find simple and accurate photos of our products on our website.  They are not fancy or photoshopped.  We try to present our products in an accurate way so that our customers’ expectations are met. 

Our hemp quality is great.  It was allowed to fully mature in the field or greenhouse and was then naturally air cured under perfect conditions.  All of our hemp is produced from female clones or feminized seed and care is taken to prevent pollination to prevent our hemp buds from containing seeds. 

Try us out.  You will not find a better value.

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1 thought on “Why Are Your Prices So Low?”

  1. I ordered 2 oz of hempress on Friday. I received the 2 oz on Monday. Now if that isn’t speedy service I don’t know what is from Tennessee to Arizona over the weekend. This company is the best! Frogeye you rock!

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