Hemp Pre Rolls vs Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp Pre Rolls

In our opinion, good quality hemp pre rolls are far superior to machine-made hemp cigarettes. Comparing the two are like comparing a high quality, hand-made havana cigar to a cheap cigarette.

The challenge with making a very good hemp cigarette is that it is impossible to take pure, high quality bud material and run this through high volume technology designed to make cigarettes without making drastic changes to the hemp first.  Cut tobacco is very different from cut hemp flower.  Good cut tobacco is not sticky.  Great quality cut hemp flower can not be ran through a traditional cigarette maker.

This is why if you look closely at machine made hemp cigarettes, they are nothing like a good hand made preroll.  The same pure cut hemp bud cannot run through a high volume cigarette machine without gumming it up.

If you want to smoke great quality CBD hemp, you can’t get this from a machine made cigarette.  If it comes in a cigarette pack then it can’t be the same natural, full spectrum bud that you can get from a pre roll or from buying natural hemp flower.

With manufacturing the product, the same thing is going on with hemp cigarettes that has happened with the tobacco industry.  Most people would be amazed at how little leaf tobacco is in a cigarette.  Nearly half the stuff in a cigarette is dry ice expanded tobacco (DIET), reconstituted tobacco (think tobacco paper made from dust), puffed and thinly sliced stem material, and scrap and fine material that should be tossed.  Many years ago it was pure tobacco.

Unfortunately, much of this same technology that has kept cigarette manufacturers very rich is now being applied to the CBD hemp market. And also unfortunately, many people’s first experience with hemp flower is a hemp cigarette. Hemp cigarette’s simply cannot provide the same experience as a hand-made hemp pre roll.

If you buy natural hemp flower and cut it up, you know what you have. Frogeye Hemp pre rolls are hand made from 100% hemp flower. Each pre roll includes a carrying tube that is clearly marked as containing industrial hemp with a barcode, QR code that links the COA and detailed product information.

No one would take the finest havana cigar tobacco and stuff it into cheap cigarettes.  Enjoy the experience with quality hemp bud or quality prerolls, don’t waste your money on machine made hemp cigarettes. 

try different varieties of hemp cigarettes

The Frogeye Hemp pre roll variety pack is a great way to try out a few different hemp strains.

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