Do You Sell THC-Free Hemp?

THC Free

Quick Answer: No. Natural hemp flower contains THC.

It’s awesome to hear people’s stories about how hemp has helped them in different ways, but if you are thinking about trying something, be aware of what you are buying.  Especially if you are drug tested.  At Frogeye Hemp, we provide independent lab reports on all of our products so our customers can shop informed. We believe it is the responsible thing to do.

Be very careful with CBD or hemp products that claim they are THC free if you are drug tested.  Many products say no THC or THC-free when in reality, the THC is there, it is just below the legal or quantitative limit on the lab report.  For example, a lab report may show “ND” or non-detectable THC because the amount of THC is below the limit of quantitation (LOQ).  That does not mean THC is not there, it just means that it is below some threshold, <0.100% is common.  Often times, products are advertised as no THC when they should actually be advertised as less than 0.3% (under the legal limit). You may even see 0.0. This is deceptive and can get people into trouble that assume these products do not contain any THC.  Do not purchase a product that does not include a COA. Frogeye Hemp includes a copy of the COA in the images of every product listing on our website. You can contact us for a PDF version.

There are methods to remove THC from refined CBD products and there are products that are THC free, and many reputable options are out there, but do your homework.

Hemp flower can be especially risky if you are drug tested.  It is impossible to have full spectrum hemp flower that does not contain THC. THC is a cannabinoid and if the product is natural and full spectrum, then it is there.

Many people consume hemp flower because they get a high level of cannabinoids for the dollar.  This is very rough and simple math, but consider 1 ounce of hemp flower that contains 15% CBD, then that ounce contains 0.15 ounces of CBD.  There are 28,350 milligrams in an ounce, so this 1 ounce of 15% hemp flower is tested to contain something like 4,250 milligrams of CBD . If you made 20 pre rolls from that ounce, then they each have around 212mg of CBD each. 

That’s great if you’re looking for lots of cannabinoids, but remember you are getting a relatively heavy dose of everything naturally in the plant, including THC.  Even if the hemp flower is ultra low in THC on the lab report, smoking one joint could be enough THC to cause you to fail a drug test.  The scientific folks know I oversimplified this conversion, but it’s just to make the point that you can end up with a lot of THC in your system with products advertised to be ultra low or even THC free.

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